John Markis

Purveyor of Collectible
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From Trusted Traditions, in Ft Lauderdale, FL., He Provides Advice, Buying/Selling, and Private Searches of Collectible Banknotes.

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John's Expertise

Building a Banknote Collection

John has curated hundreds of the hobbies most impressive collections. He can help you obtain that one elusive note or a game plan to build something very impressive.

Selling or Upgrading

With his vast knowledge and connections John can place your excess banknotes for the best available return and/or find that upgrade you have long dreamed obtaining.


Need an unbaised valuation of your collection? John can utilize his knowledge to realize the most advantagous methods to sell any collection - private placement, auctions, or even make an outright purchase.

About John Markis

John grew up in the New Jersey suburbs of Manhattan, New York. From there he moved to Southern Florida and founded Trusted Traditions. Originally specializing in sports cards he quickly moved to the exciting field of paper money after obtaining and quickly selling a 1934 Small Size 1000 note. Never looking back from there Trusted Traditions is now one of the largest and most respected paper money suppliers for the hobby. At any given time Trusted Traditions has over 4,000 graded notes, encompassing the U.S. as well as all countries in the world, in its available inventory. Almost any collection will benefit from a partnership with John and Trusted Traditions.

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John's Experience & Contacts Yield Impressive Results

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